Brief Update

Phew. We have a ton of stuff going on! Between job hunting, packing, cleaning, and moving, we have been so incredibly busy I haven’t really had a moment to spare for my poor little blog! So I thought I would just post an update to let y’all know what’s going on!

I am working on a tutorial to add lace to the hem of a T-shirt! I am super-excited about this but it is my Very First Tutorial, and I have, since doing the project and taking my tutorial photos, determined that there is, in fact, a better/different way to do the project! So, I am tabling it for now to get us moved and I will come back to it as soon as I can take some different photos and modify some things. It’s one thing to explain in a brief paragraph how to do something, it’s another to write it out step-by-step and ensure that the photo accurately reflects what you’re doing! So please stand by for that!

ALSO – We finished our Easter garb! Woo! I want to post photos of my results, but I need to edit them. In addition to the box-pleated Fairy Tale Dress, I also made my son W a bow tie using this tutorial from Make It Love It (Thank you Pinterest! By the way – you can follow me here!) and hat band! Siblings + cousin looked absolutely adorable and the whole thing was a lot of fun!

I recently downloaded the Geranium Dress and Parsley Pants patterns by Made by Rae – super cute patterns – and I can’t wait to get started stitching them up for the kiddos. W drew me some ideas for him and I must say, the kid has good taste (bright green jeans FTW)! I also have plans for the Sunny Day Shorts by Oliver + S since summer is coming quickly, and am currently deciding what my next O+S pattern purchases will be… decisions decisions!

So, that being said, keep an eye out, and hopefully I’ll get that tutorial up soon! Stay bright, lovely readers!


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