Update: Oliver + S Fairy Tale Dress – Action Shot!

Hello my lovelies! I was requested to post a photo of the finished box-pleated Fairy Tale dress with my daughter modeling it… well, since she only learned to walk a few months ago, “modeling” pretty much consisted of me following her back and forth with my camera phone out while she played and wandered and busy-busy-busied (for example, right now I’m typing one-handed because she grabbed my other hand and is swinging it around!). But, I did get one relatively good one, so here you go, my box-pleated Fairy Tale Dress, as modeled by my daughter A!

Oliver + S Fairy Tale Dress by S Hamous

…Apologies for the poor quality and small, dark photo… I’m lucky I got a halfway decent shot at all with this one! šŸ™‚