Simple Holiday Stockings

A few years ago, when my oldest had just turned 1, I made holiday stockings for myself, my son, and my husband based on a tutorial from fabricworm. They turned out great – it was such a fun project! Check it out (forgive the blurry, it’s an old photo!):


So, now that my daughter is a year old, I’m stuck with a dilemma. Since I got laid off, our finances haven’t been fantastic, so, I was putting off the stocking situation. I’ve been out looking for fabric (while also applying for jobs), and honestly couldn’t find any that I liked that fit in with the existing stockings, which only take about a yard total between lining, cuff, and main fabric. I want something classic, but unique, something that can grow up with her.

Last spring, in a more fluid time, I picked up a couple of pre-cut stacks of Christmas fabrics from Moda’s Basic Grey line (my favorite designer); one is a stack of Honeycombs (hexagons), and one is a charm pack. I also have 2 half yards of two different shades of red Kona cotton on hand thanks to my sister’s Christmas gift a few years ago (she totally feeds my sewing habit for me! lol) So, I could make a Christmas stocking for my daughter from a bunch of hexagons of awesome Christmas fabrics. Or even a simple red Kona cotton stocking with Honeycombs for accents – maybe on the cuff, heel, and toe (and yes, that is little miss grabby-hands grabbing the stack – she loves playing with my fabric lol):


The problem with these options is that a) I’d really like to hang onto the pre-cuts for bigger quilt projects if I can. Also b) the other 3 stockings are made from 2 different fabrics, with a trim accent, and c) I’d like to keep all four consistent, rather than having one made of lots of different fabrics, not to mention d) my son might get jealous of her (possibly) “fancier,” more elaborate, stocking.

My third option is to just go buy a cheap stocking from Target and make her one that is consistent with the other 3 later, when I can afford to be picky about fabric. What do you guys think?


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